Shelbyville Festival of Lights | Taylorville Daily News Shelbyville Festival of Lights 2014-10-24T11:08:13Z Shelbyville Festival of Lights   November 22, 2013 -  December 30,2013  Light Displays open Sunday to Thursday 6pm to 9pm  Light Displays open Friday and Saturday 6pm to 10pm This event is located in Forest Park, off of 9th Street in Shelbyville.  Fore more information, contact Tad Mayhall at 217-774-1342 or 217-246-3592 or Norma Hubbartt at 217-774-4438 or Nathan Nichols at 217-454-9498 or Janet Nichols at 217-825-5480 TIMES AND EVENTS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE                                         Taylorville Daily News 2014-10-24T16:08:13Z