Wednesday Swap Shop | Taylorville Daily News Wednesday Swap Shop 2014-08-01T11:31:46Z Wednesday Swap Shop WEDNESDAY 7/30/2014 820-5671  5th wheel plate w/ball hitch, cooking stove, old lanterns, old hay scythes, ax 824-5330  18" chainsaw 764-3321  for sale- 8 drawer dresser w/mirror. needs The Ghost and Mr Chicken (DVD or VHS) and needs Christmas with Ronnie Millsap (CD, vinyl, cassette) 827-8867  '85 F250 $850, 425gal water truck $175, 225gal water truck 827-1790  '83 Goldwing (extra lights and chrome) $2250 562-7140  needs 17" rim for Ford truck, needs hood for John Deere mower LX176, needs in/out carpeting 827-3051  hideaway bed couch, new 15" beauty rings w/center caps, antique Coke items, '68 Impala SuperSport 823-9909  for sale- Grasshopper zero-turn mower. needs washer and dryer 237-2285  riding mower (needs deck belt) $150 824-4609  homecoming dress pink size 4-6 (call after 5pm) 820-0046  2 free Oscar fish 521-7415  19ft pontoon boat and 2 jet skis (wants to trade them for a car possibly from the '70s), 4 base cabinets 710-7881  queen headboard $25, book shelf $20, 6ftx7ft pink rug 710-4452  AT&T cell phone, women's leather jacket, bluetooth for vehicle Sweet corn located at 522 East Street, Nokomis $2 a dozen 324-2769  push mowers, carrier for camper, dorm fridge, 5 Jeep wheels, hay dump rake, sit-down pedal grinder, David Bradley otems, reece hitch 313-5089  3 female AKC German Shepherd puppies $300ea 494-4896  96 merc grand marquis 823-1704  complete drum set harmony, alfalfa hay 823-4697  need small house dog 561-0432  wii game console, power washer, food processor 246-4345  need mud tires, for sale s10 blazer 676-2014  need coil for jd 318 18hsp, need tires 287-2178  77 el camino 824-5330  new chainsaw 519-1676  need pool cover, need fake houseplants 287-2178  87 corvette 823-3643  need 3 rr tires 623-5506  tomatoes, corn 565-2220  super c intl tractor 246-5026  rabbits various 820-4762  stove/oven for camper, plastic horse, apt size desk, girls bikes gamblers kit, picnic basket 562-5608  2 chair lifts for stairs 618-931-7033  need camper shell for dodge shortbed   Taylorville Daily News 2014-08-02T04:31:46Z