Cancellations & Delays | Taylorville Daily News Cancellations & Delays 2015-03-04T02:34:48Z Cancellations & Delays Tuesday, March 3rd 2015   Taylorville School District is closed today. Morrisonville Schools are closed today. Edinburg Schools are closed today. Shelbyville Schools are closed today. All Campuses of Lincoln Land Community College will have a delayed start at 10:00 AM today. Trinity Lutheran Pre-School is closed today. Davis Memorial Pre-School is closed today. First Babptist Christian Academy is closed today. CCMHA: Workshop is open in town, bus only. Golden Circle Nutrition Program in Taylorville and Pana ONLY today. Shelby County Community Service serving in-town routes only. Little Lambs For Jesus Pre-School in Shelbyville is closed today. St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Pana has cancelled 8:00 AM mass this morning. Taylorville Public Library has cancelled baby toddler & me this morning and will only be open noon until five.                     Taylorville Daily News 2015-03-04T07:34:48Z