Taylorville Daily News News http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news 20 Latest News Articles 2014-10-21T05:19:27Z BREAKING NEWS: Taylorville Council Votes Down Fire Department Ambulance As A Choice <a href="http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&amp;id=148807" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/shared/inc/client/21/articles/thumbs/t_10201484300-20141020190039.jpg" border="0" align="left" style="padding:10px"></a>After 2 weeks of discussion among City Council members and the community, the Taylorville City Council Monday night voted 4 to 4 on the proposed amendment to the city's ambulance ordinance, to allow the Fire Department ambulance to be a choice for 91... 2014-10-20T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=148807 Taylorville Taco Bell Hosts Celebration, Ribbon Cutting of Remodeled Store Saturday <a href="http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&amp;id=148604" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/shared/inc/client/21/articles/thumbs/t_10181440608-20141018093641.jpg" border="0" align="left" style="padding:10px"></a> Caption to picture:&nbsp; Those involved in Saturday's Greater Taylorville Chamber ribbon cutting at the newly-remodeled Taylorville Taco Bell were, from the left:&nbsp; Megan Bryant, Ambassador, Greater Taylorville Chamber; Mayor Greg Brotherton, ... 2014-10-18T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=148604 Fire Department Calls: 10/17/2014 THE TAYLORVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT REPORTS THE FOLLOWING CALLS: OCTOBER 14 &nbsp;1 Public Assist, 1 EMS &nbsp;OCTOBER 15 &nbsp;4 EMS &nbsp;OCTOBER 16 &nbsp;5 EMS 2014-10-17T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=148530 New Christian County 4H Director Christian County has a new 4H Director. Alicia Gullidge, who is from the Assumption area, says she has always had an interest in 4H: [audio:gullidge4h101714.mp3]comment here[/audio] &nbsp;Gullidge says one of her goals as 4H Director is to increase... 2014-10-17T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=148528 Morrisonville Teen Injured A Morrisonville teenager was hurt in an accident last weekend. According to reports, the 16 year-old &nbsp;was driving on a rural road a few miles north of Morrisonville Sunday (10-12) when he apparently lost control and hit an embankment. His 2005 C... 2014-10-17T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=148527 CCEDC To Hold Annual Banquet The Christian County Economic Development Corporation is holding an event next week. Patty Hornbuckle, CEO of the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce, says it should be a valuable program: [audio:pattyccedcbanquet101714.mp3]comment here[/audio]... 2014-10-17T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=148526 Bad Year For Deer-Car Collisions 2014 is turning out to be a bad year for deer-car collisions. Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp says they have seen an unusual number of incidents this year: [audio:sheriffdeer101714.mp3]comment here[/audio] The harvest always stirs up the ... 2014-10-17T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=148524 Two Arrested In Robbery Two Ramsey residents have reportedly been arrested in connection with an armed robbery that took place last week in Pana. 27 year-old Nathan Wisdom and 28 year-old Andrea Bolyard were arrested Wednesday (10-15) on charges of armed robbery, which is ... 2014-10-16T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=148354 Taylorville Police Report Arrests On Monday (10-13), a sharp-eyed Taylorville cop noticed a man suspected of being wanted. The man was a passenger in a vehicle pulling into lot 27 at the Hillcrest Trailer Court. After a quick check with dispatch, Derick D. Brown of Taylorville was re... 2014-10-16T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=148353 Wet Road Leads To Injury Accident A local woman was taken to the hospital Monday after an accident on Taylorville's west side. Police say 55 year-old Laverne H. Loveall of Taylorville was stopped at the intersection of West Spresser and North Cheney when she was struck from behind by... 2014-10-16T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=148352 Two Arrested In Robbery Two Ramsey residents have reportedly been arrested in connection with an armed robbery that took place last week in Pana. 27 year-old Nathan Wisdom and 28 year-old Andrea Bolyard were arrested Wednesday (10-15) on charges of armed robbery, which is ... 2014-10-16T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=148316 WSVZ NEW Country 98.3 Participates in Shelbyville Scarecrow Daze Parade <a href="http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&amp;id=148284" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/shared/inc/client/21/articles/thumbs/t_10161481307-1016656.JPG" border="0" align="left" style="padding:10px"></a> WSVZ NEW Country 98.3 participated in last Saturday's Scarecrow Daze parade thru the streets of Shelbyville.&nbsp; Pictured above is account manager Judi Humphrey in the driver's seat, and general manager Kami Payne in the passenger seat. WSVZ als... 2014-10-16T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=148284 Taylorville Salons Help ADA A group of Taylorville area beauty salons have taken up the cause of the American Diabetes Association.&nbsp; Vanessa Wiseman, Fundraising and Special Events Manager for the ADA says it started out slow and built momentum: &nbsp;[audio:wisemansalons... 2014-10-16T04:45:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=148168 Get Your Flu Shot: Sarah Bush Lincoln Flu season is officially on, and a Central Illinois Hospital is reminding you how to avoid it.&nbsp; Ramona Tomshack, Infection Prevention Specialist for Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital in Mattoon says get your shot: [audio:tomshackflushotsbl101614.mp3]... 2014-10-16T04:45:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=148167 Medicare Open Enrollment Underway As of October 15th, Medicare's Open Enrollment period is underway. Public Advocate Mac McGuire tells Regional Radio News there is a lot of good information available about Medicare, and about how to avoid the inevitable scams: [audio:macopenenrollme... 2014-10-15T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=148166 Deer Accidents On The Rise Area police agencies report four deer-car accidents in just the last few days.&nbsp; &nbsp;On Sunday (10-12), 25 year-old Mitchell W. Daigh of Taylorville was driving north on 1600 East Road just west of Owaneco, when he struck a deer. Daigh's 2005 ... 2014-10-15T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=148165 Two Face DUI Charges &nbsp; Cops nailed two apparent DUI offenders earlier this week. 39 year-old Cara Montgomery of Taylorville and 35 year-old Steven Leonard of Taylorville were reportedly arrested Monday (10-13) in separate incidents.&nbsp; 2014-10-15T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=148164 Police Report A Variety Of Arrests A Taylorville man faces a number of charges after an incident Monday (10-13). According to police, &nbsp;64 year-old Harland Fromader was arrested on charges of burglary,&nbsp;criminal trespassing to land, criminal damage to state property and resist... 2014-10-15T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=148163 TAYLORVILLE SCHOOL BOARD HEARS EXTENSIVE REPORT ON PLANS FOR INCREASING TEST SCORES In an 2 hour meeting, the Taylorville School Board was given very detailed and extensive plans from the administrators of each school in the district on how they were going to raise the overall PARCC scores for students at all levels. A sample of the... 2014-10-15T02:45:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=148014 Harvest Continues As the harvest in Central Illinois continues, Regional Radio Farm Broadcaster Jared White has been taking combine rides with local farmers. White recently rode along with Christian County farmer Ken Franklin, who said harvesting soybeans can be trick... 2014-10-15T04:45:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=147989