Taylorville Daily News News http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news 20 Latest News Articles 2014-11-20T08:18:41Z Shoe Sensation Holds Ribbon Cutting To Offically Open New Store <a href="http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&amp;id=152936" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/shared/inc/client/21/articles/thumbs/t_112014105917-20141120090243.jpg" border="0" align="left" style="padding:10px"></a> (photo by Bryan Payne) Several business and civic leaders attended this (Thursday) morning's ribbon cutting at the new Shoe Sensation store in the Grand Plaza Shopping Center in Taylorville. The ribbon cutting was sponsored by the Greater Taylorvi... 2014-11-20T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152936 Mobile Food Pantry In Taylorville Saturday The Central Illinois Food Bank's Mobile Food Pantry will be at Taylorville High School this weekend. Public Relations Manager for the Food Bank Krista Lisser says they cover a lot of territory: [audio:lisserfoodpantry111914.mp3]comment here[/audio]... 2014-11-20T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152928 Davis: No Republican Mandate A local legislator says the message from this month's elections was simple. Recently reelected Congressman Rodney Davis of Taylorville says the government now needs to get things done: &nbsp; [audio:davisnomandate111914.mp3]comment here[/audio] &n... 2014-11-20T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152927 MAPS Offers Holiday Raffle The Mid America Prep School in Herrick is sponsoring a holiday raffle. Principal Rick Allen says the drawing will be just before Christmas: &nbsp; [audio:allenmapsraffle112014.mp3]comment here[/audio] &nbsp; The drawing will be December 17th. Cal... 2014-11-20T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152918 Henry On End Of Year Planning End of year planning is tricky for investors. Steve Henry, owner of CSH Investment management in Taylorville says you have to make a few assumptions regarding taxes: &nbsp; [audio:henrysteveendofyear112014.mp3]comment here[/audio] &nbsp; CSH Inve... 2014-11-20T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152912 Hospital Auxiliary Hosts Extravaganza Taylorville Memorial Hospital will be the place Friday and Saturday for the annual Hospital Auxiliary's Holiday Extravaganza. The event will feature a gift shop, bake sale, quilters and a basket raffle. Various craft booths and independent consultant... 2014-11-20T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152910 Drug Arrests The Christian County Sheriff's Office reports a pair of drug arrests. 49 year-old Clifford Ballion and 40 year-old Kerri Ballion, both of Rochester, were reportedly arrested Monday (11-17) on charges that included drug possession and possession of a ... 2014-11-20T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152909 Convenience Store Busted A Taylorville Police tobacco compliance check led to a local convenience store being busted. Route Mart at 120 West Park Street was reportedly found in violation. Police say a city ordinance citation was issued to Robert E. Wombachur of Taylorville. 2014-11-20T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152908 Taylorville Police Make Domestic Battery Arrests Taylorville Police made separate domestic battery arrests about 12 hours apart Saturday (11-15). &nbsp; At 4:23am, they were called to 700 Park Blvd.on reports of a disturbance. They reportedly arrested Joseph G. Beisher of Taylorville on a domesti... 2014-11-20T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152907 PCH Adds Dexa Machine Pana Community Hospital now boasts a DEXA Machine. Diagnostic Imaging Manager at PCH, Cindy Miles explains: &nbsp; [audio:milesdexamachine111914.mp3]comment here[/audio] &nbsp; Call the Diagnostic Imaging Department at Pana Community Hospital to ... 2014-11-20T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152906 U-of-I Ag Program Places Student Teacher at Taylorville <a href="http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&amp;id=152787" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/shared/inc/client/21/articles/thumbs/t_11191425127-SarahMooreTHSStudentTeacher.jpg" border="0" align="left" style="padding:10px"></a>The University of Illinois Agricultural Education program has placed a student teacher, Sarah Moore, with Agricultural Science Instructors, Sue Schafer, Monty Elvidge, and Stephanie Ruppert, at Taylorville High School, starting in January of next yea... 2014-11-19T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152787 Christian County Board Hears Update on Grain Belt Express The Christian County Board heard a report from Rick Cornell, director of Illinois Outreach for Clean Line Grain Belt Express project. The project is earmarked to build a 750 mile transmission line from Kansas to Indiana for the purpose of moving 3500... 2014-11-18T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152669 Christian County Board Chair Speaks at Taylorville Kiwanis <a href="http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&amp;id=152645" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/shared/inc/client/21/articles/thumbs/t_10211433015-Kiwanislogo.jpg" border="0" align="left" style="padding:10px"></a>The Taylorville Kiwanis Club heard from the chairman of the Christian County Board Paul Schmitz, at the club's weekly noon luncheon Tuesday at the Taylorville Memorial Hospital auditorium. Schmitz gave an overview of the many departments of Christia... 2014-11-18T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152645 Taylorville Named Among "25 Most Affordable Cities in United States" The City of Taylorville has been selected by an Internet blog, as number 5 of "The 25 Most Affordable Cities in the United States&mdash;25 Gems Where You Can Live Large for Less." Author Ken Lyons made Taylorville number 5 of his Top 25 list, statin... 2014-11-18T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152632 Owaneco Man Sentenced A Christian County man is off to prison for more than a decade after being sentenced for sexual exploitation of a minor. After a plea earlier this year - James Owens of Owaneco, a former Taylorville Schools&rsquo; bus driver was sent to prison for 12... 2014-11-18T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152617 Weather Contributes To Accident A local man is the victim of icy conditions in an accident Sunday (11-16). According to reports, 41 year-old John D. Morthland was driving north on Route 51 when the glare of oncoming headlights caused him to lose control on the icy road. His 2002 Do... 2014-11-18T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152616 Taylorville Man Arrested A Taylorville man faces serious charges after his arrest Sunday (11-16). 24 year-old Michael Droke is accused of aggravated battery with great bodily harm and home invasion. 2014-11-18T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152615 Area Superintendents Rally For SB 16 A bill regarding school funding will be the subject of a hearing in Springfield this afternoon, and dozens of administrators from around the state will rally in support.&nbsp; &nbsp; The 125 superintendents will include Dr. Greg Fursteneau of Taylo... 2014-11-18T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152613 Rosenthal Still Opposes Minimum Wage Hike Despite the fact that Illinois voters overwhelmingly support an increase in the minimum wage, local legislator Wayne Rosenthal says if Illinoisians had known the consequences, they may have voted differently. &nbsp; [audio:rosenthalminwage111814.m... 2014-11-18T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152612 Manar Glad Campaign Over 48th District Illinois Senator Andy Manar was reelected earlier this month. It was a tough campaign, and Manar says his opponent, Linda Little, ran one of the most negative camaigns in recent memory: &nbsp; [audio:manarbittercampaign111714.mp3]comm... 2014-11-18T05:00:00Z http://www.taylorvilledailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=21&id=152611